Whilst our Outlet Store remains open as usual, access to our HQ Showrooms & Cafe will only be available to visit on weekdays and closed on Saturdays.

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Cookie Policy

What even is a Cookie? 

Cookies are small files that a website saves to your phone, tablet or computer.
Their job is to hold any relevant bits of information that will personalise and improve your ‘online experience’.
For example, when items are saved to your basket so you don’t have to add them all back in again later – that’s down to a cookie. Or when you go onto a website and all the products you’ve looked at recently are featured so you can find them easily again – that’s a cookie again.
In other words, cookies help to map out how customers move around a website so that brands like us can understand how to make things smooth, personal and fuss-free.

Our Cookie Policy

At Neptune we do use cookies, but we use them sensitively.
Our cookies are there to help us understand and save your preferences for future visits. We also use them to get a better view of how people are using our website and how often, all with the aim of making the Neptune experience better.
But you can opt out of sharing cookies with us whenever you like.
To learn more about the specific types of cookie we use, all the details are in our privacy policy.
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