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Decorative Mayfair Cocktail Shaker

Decorative Mayfair Cocktail Shaker

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RRP: £25.00
Outlet: £10.00
Available online only Not on display instore
  • We recommend that this product is used for decorative purposes only as leaking will likely occur
  • Glue seal is not finished to acceptable standards
Enjoy Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Daiquiris and Margaritas at home. A cocktail shaker, full of ice, lets you mix and chill the ingredients without diluting them. (It’s called serving a drink ‘up’ or ‘straight up’.) With its etched vertical lines, the Mayfair cocktail shaker really captures the glamour of cocktail hour.
Product condition

A: Overall excellent condition. You might find a few marks or slight discolouration in places.

Product dimensions:
Length: 0cm
Width: 0cm
Height: 25cm
Weight: 0.0 kg

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