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Connaught LED Lights - 10m

Connaught LED Lights - 10m

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RRP: £29.00
Outlet: £20.00
Available online only Not on display instore
It isn’t Christmas without the twinkle of fairy lights, and our Connaught Christmas lights mean you can bring their magic to every part of your home as easily and as elegantly as possible. You can use them both indoors and out in your garden. You can add extensions on to make them as long and you like (very helpful if you’re wrapping them all the way up your staircase). And there’s a little remote control (no more rooting by the plug) so you can pick which setting you like most or even dim them to make them brighter in the day and softer at night time.
Product condition

A: Overall excellent condition. You might find a few marks or slight discolouration in places.

Product dimensions:
Length: 0cm
Width: 4cm
Height: 0cm
Weight: 0.0 kg

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