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Home for the season

Christmas is about sharing our homes with the people who matter to us the most. And a little planning goes a long way in making every room sparkle, cosset and glow. From the thoughtful touches to the most memorable moments, we’re all set to help you make your home a place of celebration, comfort and joy this season.



Our Christmas Opening Hours: 

Friday 24th December - Closed
Saturday 25th December - Closed
Sunday 26th December - Closed
Monday 27th December - 10am-4pm
Tuesday 28th December - 10am-4pm
Wednesday 29th December - 9am-5pm
Thursday 30th December - 9am-5pm
Friday 31st December - 9am-2:30pm
Saturday 1st January - Closed 
Sunday 2nd January - Closed
Monday 3rd January - 10am-4pm
Tuesday 4th January - 9am-5pm 
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