Welcome to Neptune Outlet. Our store team are here and ready to help you. Speak to us on 01793 427439 or you can email by clicking here.
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A Warm Welcome

 The Neptune Outlet is a place where we house end-of-line designs, customer returns, and samples from our photoshoots. 

Sometimes they've never been used, other times there's an imperfection or two, but they all have a discount of up to 50% off the RRP to reflect that.

We restock daily, so pop down, explore, and we hope that you'll want to come back and see us again soon


Who You'll Meet

Here at Neptune Outlet in Swindon, we’re a team of 9. Ian’s our new store leader, he has previously won awards for being "Neptune’s store leader of the year" and is also well known for his interior design eye (he’s currently finishing up a beautiful renovation project on his own home).
Then there’s Jodie, our assistant manager, Sophie, Jenny, Lucie (who doesn't always bring her baby to work) and Abby, our four home specialists, and Natalie who is our website administrator.
 We also have Heather and Kirstie who are our HQ receptionists, you'll often find them meeting & greeting at the front desk & ensuring everything is organised in our main showroom.

Whoever you chat to will be able to help with everything from measurements to choosing a colour palette. 

The Neptune Showroom

The Neptune Outlet is in Wiltshire, next door to our head office, where we have a beautiful showroom that displays our full collection. If you'd like to get to know us a bit better, we'd love to show you around. The showroom is often used for in-house training and events so simply give us a call us on 01793 427300 before making a special journey, just to make sure we are able to accommodate your arrival.

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