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Sometimes, when we’re designing a piece at Neptune or working with a new material, there’s a bit of trial and error before we get it spot on. And because we don’t want the pieces we’ve experimented with to go to waste, you’ll often find them here in our outlet.
Furthermore, on occasions we end up with an excess of components that don't make a complete product. Rather than write those parts off, you can now see them in this collection.
You know what they say: 'one mans junk is another mans treasure' ...
Unfortunately we are not able to offer much more information about the products in this category as many will be historical versions of products we no longer sell or where the design has changed somewhat since its original release. We cannot guarantee they will be suitable for any parts you may already have and we are unable to source additional spare parts to make a complete product.
What we can guarantee however, is that the products you are buying have been made to the same high standards that you can expect from any other piece of furniture in the Neptune collection. 


Spare Parts

All of these designs and more are available on our main website.
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